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Opening of the Forum
Allan Mayer

Allan Mayer

Speaker: "Reputation Management, Social Media, and the End of Privacy."
What happens with Corporate and Country Reputation at times of crises?
Can a crisis be interpreted as a chance?
How to manage Corporate Reputation in a crisis environment
Managing Crises and Reputation in a Digital World
Gianni Catalfamo

Gianni Catalfamo

Speaker: "Crisis as an opportunity for communicators. How to be a play-maker."
Sean Gardner

Sean Gardner

Speaker: "Personal Reputation and Personal Branding."
Could a crisis create new chances for an international brand?
Jon-Hans Coetzer

Jon-Hans Coetzer

Speaker: "Weathering the Perfect Storm: Crisis Management in the Business World."
How to create an international Country Brand at times of crises?
Vasily Dubeykovskiy

Vasily Dubeykovskiy

Speaker: "Country branding. How to be more than 1/250?"
Convertible instruments for Personal and Corporate Reputation

WCF in Africa, 2020

24-25 November,

Women Influence Community

26th-27th November,
Bonanza resort


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WCF Geneva Week 2017, Day 2

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