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Upcoming WCF Sessions

WCFDavos | Zeppelin View 2016

WCFDavos | Zeppelin View 2016

WCFDavos | Zeppelin View 2016 Thematic Session in partnership with Kaiser Communication GmbHHosted by the Zeppelin Museum Zeppelin ViewInfluential Communications:Global Technological and Scientific Development 07 March, 2015Friedrichshafen, Germany Focus on: Research, Science, Technology, Communications   Venue: ... » Read more

WCFDavos | GlobEdu 2016

WCFDavos | GlobEdu 2016

WCFDavos | Global Education Program 20168-9 March, 2016 Special program for young communication professionals.Focus on global communications.Package price for registration:5 students and 1 university representative!Entry terms can be viewed here. Venue:... » Read more

WCFDavos | ComCamp 2016

WCFDavos | ComCamp 2016

WCFDavos Communication CampAugust 16-22, 2016 What?An intensive 5-day summer course for new-generation communications professionals provided by the WCFA association.Experienced communications experts and scholars with innovative, creative approach will arm you with practical knowledge in the field of communications, preparing you for all possible challenges and opportunities in the global communications market. Who?If you are ... » Read more

Past WCF Sessions

WCF | Zeppelin View
07 March, 2016

Thematic Session & Pre-event
Influential Communications:
Global Tech|Scientific Development

WCFDavos 2016

08-09 March
Davos, Switzerland

Venue: Davos Congress Centre
Promenade 92, 7270 Davos Platz


Video Davos

Yogesh Joshi - World Communication Forum in Davos, 2013

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