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Press releases 2016

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WCF around the world in 2016 docx (225.38 KB)

GlobCom Leaders united in Program Board WCFDavos'2017 docx (549.06 KB)

C4F Davos Awards Winners 2016 docx (685.66 KB)

WCF-Davos holds a series of events in March 2016 doc (224.22 KB)

WCF 2016 - diversity in an exciting new Communication World docx (1557.38 KB)

ICCO appoints Maxim Behar as President pdf (180.55 KB)

WCF in Africa, 2020

24-25 November,

Women Influence Community

26th-27th November,
Bonanza resort


Video Davos

WCF Geneva Week 2017, Day 2

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