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Interview with Gary Grates

Interview with Gary Grates

link to Forum 2011 interview with Gary Grates
In any merger acquisition basically the formula is one plus one equals three. You’re trying to become better and stronger and oftentimes in these kinds of scenarios organizations lose sight of the fact that reputation is built inside and that you have to pay particular attention to your employees on both sides – the acquirer and the acquire and make sure that throughout the process they understand exactly what the value proposition is. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that and about some of the missteps organizations tend to take.
When organizations come together, or at least try to, and they don’t take particular attention around what their rep... » Read more

Interview with James Guillies

Interview with James Guillies

link to Forum 2011 interview with James Guillies
I like to challenge people, I like to do something in my talk to grab their attention, so saying that physics is the most socially humiliating thing you can do and then trying to challenge that perception is one of those things. And I also think that, you know, as I said in my talk, I think that we have great stories to tell and I really do believe that, I think that we have great stories to tell that can engage people. I’m absolutely convinced that everybody in the world is a scientist. They don’t necessarily know it, but everybody thinks scientifically, everybody is curious, everybody likes to ... » Read more

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