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Henryk Stawicki

Henryk Stawicki

Design Strategy Pilot at Change Pilots (Poland)

Henryk helps organizations build strategies for services, brands and products using design mindset and process. In the past 13 years he worked with various clients from business, governmental and NGO sectors. His work is influenced by the 3 years of experience gained in New York where he joined the Replay Creative agency and the team at MS Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons School of Design. Also, this is where he got his 2nd graduate degree at the program co-created with IDEO - a leading design consultancy. Henryk consults and runs trainings in the field of design strategies& management tailored both for entrepreneurs and designers. Teaches Design Management at the School of Form in Poland. Member of the Advisory Board at Gdynia Design Days and Design Thinking Festival in Lodz. Currently runs strategic creative agency Change Pilots.

Design Strategy Pilot at Change Pilots (Poland)

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24-25 November,

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