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Anastasia Tretyakova

Anastasia Tretyakova

Creative Director at Depot WPF (Russia)

Anastasia has been working in marketing and advertising for over 10 years and during this period of time she managed to work her way up from a project leader to a copywriter and a creative director. Since 2011 she is part of Depot WPF's team. Since 2016 Anastasia is the head of the corporate identity department.

"The main reason people turn to branding agencies is that they are looking for an eye-catching visual image, – Anastasia says. – And it is often the case that once an agency has created a high-quality, attractive packaging, a logo that sticks out from the crowd and a new corporate identity, it thinks it has done its job. The other way in which the brand is communicated are deemed to be less important. Nonetheless, the way we feel about people is often determined by what they say. A person's character and values are reflected in every statement they make. The same is true of brands. At Depot WPF, when we create a brand we strive to look at every point of contact between the brand and the consumer, and offer the client a concept that is as integrated as possible, in which even the tiniest details have been carefully thought through".

Creative Director at Depot WPF (Russia)

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