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Natalia Gumeniuk

Natalia Gumeniuk

Head of Hromadske TV (Ukraine)

Nataliya Gumenyuk is the head of – a journalist-led initiative to create public broadcasting in Ukraine and Hromadske International.

She specialized in foreign affairs and conflict reporting.

Since the start of the Revolution and during the later conflict in Ukraine, she has been reporting from the field in Maidan, Crimea and Donbas.

As a reporter, Nataliya has been to nearly 50 countries. She has recently published the book "Maidan Tahrir. In Search Of A Lost Revolution" (2015), focusing on the post-Arab Spring developments within the Arab world.

As a commentator, she is interested in the Ukrainian events covered by numerous Ukrainian and international media.

She holds a Master’s degree in Global Journalism from the Örebro University in Sweden.

Head of Hromadske TV (Ukraine)

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