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Kirill Shilov

Kirill Shilov

Founder / CEO and Lead developer of

Kirill Shilov is the CEO and Lead developer of - a company creating solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) especially in the area of Flight Control Systems. He got his MSc degree with honors in Aerospace Engineering, majoring in Flight Dynamics and Control in 2015 and BSc degree in Applied Math and Physics with honors in 2013. Previously he worked as embedded engineer at Perspective Robotics AG located in Zurich, Switzerland and at Autonomous Control Systems Lab located in Tokyo, Japan.

Sky-Drones develops systems which can be applied to a wide variety of Drones (UAVs) applications such as Surveying, Mapping, Inspection, Security, Safety and High-quality Media production. The company has an outstanding background and experience in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Delivering products and solutions for extremely rapidly growing market in Drones / UAV segment. It develops custom high-level electronics, algorithms and software. The team's expertise is not limited only by embedded programming, they have strong skills in Windows / Mac OS X and web-based applications developments.

Founder / CEO and Lead developer of


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