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Benjamin Yong

Benjamin Yong

Founder & Group Chief Eating Officer, The Big Group (Malaysia)

Formed in early 2011, BIG is an ideology encapsulating the love for food and how it ties people and experiences together. The act of eating is a pleasurable and emotional experience which we endeavor to celebrate and deliver to our customers.

We try to shape The BIG Group on this philosophy and like an onion, we try to build it up layer by layer. The core idea is to help build relationships between people and good food. We work collectively as a group. We talk, we share ideas and these ideas tend to spin by themselves and we end up creating something big. - Founder & Group Chief Eating Officer, Benjamin Yong

When it comes to food and people, no idea is deemed too crazy or impossible for The BIG Group. All it takes is an idea and compatible people to help push it forward and turn it into something BIG. With this ethos in mind, BIG nurtures an eclectic collection of restaurants, cafes, bars, retail food stores and a concept supermarket adopting our BIG Values:

  • • To build a relationship with our customers through food.
  • • To build brand loyalty with our customers.
  • • To respect our peers, community and the planet.
  • • To pay absolute attention to detail, always delivering our best.
  • • To be creative and innovative, creating fresh, exciting experiences for all our customers.

Founder & Group Chief Eating Officer, The Big Group (Malaysia)

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