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Yana Basaranovich

Yana Basaranovich

Head of PR at

Yana Basaranovich is a Public Relations professional with more than 12 years Russian and European markets experience. She believes that a career could never be successful without constant professional development, therefore she never misses the chance to improve her knowledge and expertise. Her latest qualifications include Masters in International Marketing from Edinburgh University, IPAG Business school course, and a Moscow Business school certification.

In the past she was offered to create and lead the PR department at - from startup stage, and she was responsible for the ELLE brand development in Russia. Before joining ELLE, for several years she lived and worked in the UK and France.

Every Lamoda team member is proud of the company success, and she is not an exception. Thanks to the professional management and wisely chosen team combined with a proper understanding of the market, in less than 3 years they have become one of the leaders of the fashion e-commerce area and they are not planning to stop!

Head of PR at

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24-25 November,

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26th-27th November,
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