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Sergey Menshikov

Sergey Menshikov

Brand manager at "Odnoklassniki"

Sergey Menshikov, Brand manager at "Odnoklassniki".

Graduated with honours from the Donskoy State Technical University (city of Rostov-na-Don). Specialization: Information Systems and Technology. Worked for some time and then changed sphere of interest.

For more than 2 years Sergey has worked as a leading specialist in the Apparatus of Russian Labour Union of Education, the biggest Russian non-governmental organization.

Since 2012 Sergey has changed public work for sphere of marketing and advertising. He started as a project manager for Social Media at the agency "Redkaya Marka", and six monthes later he was appointed Executive Director of the agency.

Alongside with his marketing career, Sergey mastered a career as a business coach, trainer and consultant. He has taught in business schools and the biggest universities of Moscow (MGU, MGTU, VSE, etc.), he also worked as an invited expert in a few large companies and held individual coach sessions.

In 2013 Sergey became Brand Manager in the social network Odnoklassniki, which is his currect occupation.

Brand manager at "Odnoklassniki"

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20 Mar, 2018

Women Influence Community Forum:
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Geneva, 2018

21-22 March
Geneva, Switzerland

Annual Global WCF Meeting!
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