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Andrew Izmailov

Andrew Izmailov

Risk Management & Credit Card Portfolios at Scotiabank

Andrew Izmailov graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a specialization in economics and statistics. He was involved in numerous clubs and sport teams while at University. In his spare time Andrew is very interested in historical literature and international politics.

Currently Andrew is working at Scotiabank in the area of business and product development, focusing on integrating risk management within credit card portfolio.

Previously Andrew worked in the area of Risk Management for the Bank of Montreal, specializing in credit risk and portfolio management. Being an entrepreneur by nature, Andrew is currently involved in numerous endeavours. He is in charge of the process of launching – an online news aggregator specializing in presenting the most important and thought-provoking content in an easy to use format (

Additionally, he is involved in founding the On-Target Education, a non-profit charity corporation focused on teaching youths in Canada about money management (

Risk Management & Credit Card Portfolios at Scotiabank


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