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Marie Beauchesne

Marie Beauchesne

Free-lanced consultant, entrepreneur and TEDx speaker (France)

Marie Beauchesne is an entrepreneur, consultant and TEDx speaker. In 2016, passionate about women's empowerment and the impact of entrepreneurship, she launches her own brand of prêt-à-porter YPSYLONE. It was inspired by the life journeys of the women she discussed with. Marie also contributes to UNLEASH, a group of talented persons from 129 countries working together on the UN's sustainable development goals. As a freelance consultant, she assists companies in the development and implementation of their communication strategy.

Free-lanced consultant, entrepreneur and TEDx speaker (France)

WIC-F | Geneva
20 Mar, 2018

Women Influence Community Forum:
Wommen CAN make a Difference!

Geneva, 2018

21-22 March
Geneva, Switzerland

Annual Global WCF Meeting!
Global Touch! C4F Davos Awards!


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C4F Awards - Geneva, 2017

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