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Yanina Dubeykovskaya

Yanina Dubeykovskaya

Content Director of the WCFDavos Forum, President of the WCFA association (Global)

I am Yanina Dubeykovskaya:
Mother of three and Grandmother of one.
Scientist: Doctor of philosophy. Certified Professional in psychoanalysis and communications.
Entrepreneur: Founder of and
Citizen: Leader of the presidential elections' campaign in Russia in 2014.
Tai-chi practitioner: 25 years of experience.
Muse, too... I hope. :)

Personality: Creator

It was quite a challenge for me to choose just one single way of influence… I have been thoroughly active in all of them, except the role of a Muse. Finally, I have decided to adopt the image of a CREATOR, since it is both self-investment and deepening of the knowledge on each way of self-realization and global influence.

I have always deeply regretted that I cannot paint, play music or write poems... I mean I do not perform any pure form of art. Nevertheless, my husband says I am a genuine creator, the one who creates meanings and communities, inspirations and values. I hope that is not only for him… In fact, I started admitting to myself that I could be a creator only after I’ve heard my elder son surprisingly compare me to Elon Musk in his recent interview.

So, here is a brief story about me and my own way of influence on the world as a CREATOR:

As a little girl, I experienced some memorable events that greatly influenced my personality - I kept them as childhood souvenirs. One of them happened when I was just 3 years old. My father slapped me for being naughty. I didn't even cry. My reaction was to start yelling at him: "Are you really that stupid? You hurt me!" Another flash-back, when I was 10: using a closet, I divided the room I shared with my sister. That was the deliberate creation of a  world of my own at the time. My third souvenir: the years I spent in Cuba. I was 12 or 13 then… What an atmosphere - such a fascination by the revolution, and I was part of it!

Key facts of my biography: 3 children, active creativity as a philosopher, the WCF forum in Davos, marriage and family life, martial arts (Tai Chi), my grand-daughter Nadia.

Life principle: Dirt does not stick to a lotus flower.

I would like to shout into the world: Don't be afraid to embrace your infinity!

So, the way of Creator, or being the one who dares and generates something new, was natural to me since early childhood. When I failed the exam for the faculty of general stage management and movie-directing, I was at a loss. Not long after, I took up my studies in philosophy, one of the most conservative branches of human knowledge. I soon discovered the possibilities of creating new concepts out of deep meanings or ancient traditions. However, I am probably more of a creator in a sheer revolutionary sense, rather than in any verbal, scientific or artistic way. My work is existential and I see the horizon as a revolution, as a dramatic change in the rules of the game... That has become my conscious choice now.

Greatest failure (or rather: a challenge I have not overcome yet) – probably the fact that there are fewer people involved in my social creativity than I had expected …

Victory – the World Communication Forum and its global community of communicators which have existed for 9 years now, inspiring many people, and not just professionally, but even in their personal life.

Warnings to those who choose to embrace social and revolutionary creativity – you should enjoy loneliness! You must be able to take the responsibility for everything: yourself, others, the destiny of humanity. You cannot lose your harmony – neither internally, nor externally.

Benefits – social development, escape from infantile consumption or submission to manipulation, being an inspiration for all supporters, strengthening humanistic values such as openness, freedom, responsibility.



Founder of WCFDavos
President of the Word Communication Forum Association (HQ in Switzerland)
CEO Òîp Communications LLC (Bulgaria)

Yanina boasts an extensive career of over 15 yrs in communications in Russian politics and energy industries and also as a scientist in the fields of philosophy and psychology. As a fully qualified psychologist and philosopher, she initially started her career in HR and corporate psychology.

In 2009, with the rapid growth of the internet and the vast impact of digital reality which started changing all industries and turned communications into a key driver of human, social and business relationship development in general, Yanina initiated the World Communication Forum in Davos – as a global platform for sharing expertise aimed at stronger influence of the professional communicators’ community on the global development of the world. From 2009 till 2013, Yanina was the co-Founder and Content Director of the summit, and since 2013 she is the General Director of the event.

Yanina’s experience comprises of corporate communications, corporate psychology and political, social and public communications. She is also an acknowledged expert in applied psychoanalysis and political psychology.

In 2014, the WCFDavos forum’s community established a non-profit, non-governmental organization – the World Communication Forum Association (WCFA), with Yanina elected as the President of the Executive Board.

The goal of the organization is to support initiatives related to improving and developing the education in the field of communications and global culture and also to implement international projects focused on communications and progressive vision of the future.

For over 25 years, Yanina has been actively practicing Tai Chi and she holds a gold medal from the championship in Europe for 2013.
She is the author of the book “Stop Frame” dedicated to the psychoanalytical approach in HR.

Content Director of the WCFDavos Forum, President of the WCFA association (Global)

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