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Maria Fronoschuk

Maria Fronoschuk

Managing Partner & CMO of new media

Today Maria is acting as Managing Partner & Chief Marketing Officer for online-magazine It is a new media for people who want to develop themselves and change the world around them with quite ambitious goal: to reinvent Ukraine.

Maria has been working in journalistic sphere more than six years. At first as an author and photo-editor then as the head of the project development. The last four years she has been working on the project as a co-founder. The work place before this – an editor of  affiliate projects of «Telecrytika» projects.

She specializes on management and marketing in the sphere of mass media. Maria is working postgraduate student of Institute of Journalistics of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University in specialty «social communications». Had finish «School of marketing» of Kyiv-Mohyla business-school.

Managing Partner & CMO of new media

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