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Vasily Dubeykovskiy

Vasily Dubeykovskiy

CEO of CityBranding

Vasily Dubeykovskiy is an expert in place branding and head of a professional CityBranding team that develops projects in Russia and the CIS countries. he is also the launch leader and strategic adviser of 7 real city brand projects in 6 different regions.

Vasily is author of the book "City Branding? 35 answers" and editor of the popular professional blog He is also the initiator and lecturer of a Geographic course in the Moscow State University evening school. As a founder of City Branding Forum, he is proud to lead an agency that unites best cases of place branding in Russia and CIS countries.

Vasily has graduated the Moscow State University (Economics) and obtained Master’s Degree in Marketing at Moscow Business School MIRBIS. He worked as brand-manager in the FMCG sector for local and global companies, yet decided to focus on and dedicate his life to cities, the exploring of which has always excited him. Currently he is working on two professional books: city branding methodology and place origin effect.

CEO of CityBranding

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