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Zhonghua (Eliza) Jiao

Zhonghua (Eliza) Jiao

Co-founder and Regional Director of Business Development at Appvertise Ltd

Zhonghua Jiao is a co-founder and regional director of Business Development at Appvertise Ltd, in Hong Kong SAR. She maintains the development of a network of corporate and individual customers to whom the company provides expertise on different kind of applications for popular mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, promoting their brand name and delivering best service in all areas of business communication, as well as entertainment.

Zhonghua has often been qualified as snalytical thinker with strategic planning skills, capable of developing innovative approach, idea implementation and issue resolution. Her expertise lies in consumer research and analysis as well as the creation and execution of creative, collaborative marketing endeavors to grow revenue and increase brand visibility.

From 2006 to 2008 she contributed largely to the Shanghai Recognition Business Development Ltd.

Being a dynamic marketing executive with internet expertise and relevant academic background, she has demonstrated high proficiency with web 2.0 technology and new media marketing endeavors gained through experience in developing and executing successful online communities: she is the co-founder of a leading web 2.0 community, starting from ground up and obtaining up to 100,000 registered members for interactive, cross-promotional site, related to cosmetics user experience.

Zhonghua has proved her skills as an effective and articulate communicator with the ability to unite clients and colleagues at all levels. She holds a Master’s degree in “Electronic Business & Knowledge Management” from the City university of Hong Kong, KLN, Hong Kong SAR, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in, respectively, “Electronic Business Management” and “Electronic Information Science & Technology” from the Peking University in Beijing, China.

Co-founder and Regional Director of Business Development at Appvertise Ltd


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