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Halim Abou Seif

Halim Abou Seif

Strategic Communications Consultant & Trainer, RADA Research & PR Co. (Egypt)

A Public Relations Director with over thirty years of experience in marketing, public relations, event planning & management.

He also has extensive experience in campaign design for international and local clients.

Halim handled major accounts throughout his career as a PR practitioner with proven expertise in successfully managing events as well as media relations and crisis training and resolution.

Mr. Abou Seif has attended courses in crisis management and has handled many crises with a broad spectrum of clients. He has strong relations with the media, which enables him to enhance corporate images and influence public perceptions.

He is an accredited professor of Public Relations at the American University in Cairo, teaching post graduates a diploma from Charter Institute of Public Relations in London and also a certified teacher of Public Relations at Misr International University (MIU) since 2001, teaching Public Relations Strategies and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Strategic Communications Consultant & Trainer, RADA Research & PR Co. (Egypt)


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