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Alexey Kostarev

Alexey Kostarev

CEO and Co-Founder i-Jet Media

Alexey Kostarev is CEO and Co-Founder of i-Jet Media which is a world leading social games publisher and distributor.

After graduating from the Urals State Technical University in 2001, he established Medialt company which quickly gained success and within 4 years became the most profitable internet provider in Ekaterinburg.

In 2005, Alexey Kostarev co-founded i-Jet Media and in 2007 the company published its first set of game projects on

In April 2009, i-Jet Media launched Happy Farmer (Happy Harvest) which simply blasted the Russian Internet: the game succeeded to collect 10 million unique active users, and earned USD million in less than a year. This "Runet" record has remained unbroken till today. Happy Farmer was also honoured with the Google Trend prize as the best game of 2009.

Nowadays, Alexey Kostarev's i-Jet Media is developing projects on the European and Asian markets and providing mobile social games services. 60 million users of 30 social networks all over the world play 70 game applications made by 40 independent game developers and published by i-Jet Media. Offices of the company are situated in Sunnyvale (CA, USA), Beijing (China) as well as Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil and Ozersk (Russia).

The company has 150+ employees.

CEO and Co-Founder i-Jet Media

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