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Naomi Assaraf

Naomi Assaraf

CMO and co-founder of cloudHQ (USA)

Naomi Assaraf is the Chief Marketing Officer of cloudHQ in the USA.

Naomi is a serial entrepreneur, and is highly sought out for her knowledge in growth hacking marketing tactics. She obsesses over the process of growing companies to their profitability stage, and has since done so for each of her 3 companies, which resulted in one very successful exit.

She was born and raised in Canada, and was always surrounded by business owners in her family. By the tender age of 17, she started her first company so that she could support herself while attending university; which is where she relentlessly studied the relationship between Marketing and Sociology.

Now based in the Silicon Valley, she serves as the co-founder and CMO of a profitable tech startup that makes Gmail productivity tools. In her spare time, she mentors other startups on growth, keynotes across San Francisco, and blogs for the Huffington Post.

Her most current interests revolve around the future of human communication, after engaging with artificial intelligence in a mixed reality.

CMO and co-founder of cloudHQ (USA)

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