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Vidhu Shekhar

Vidhu Shekhar

PhD Fellow Student, IIM Calcutta

B.Tech (IIT Kharagpur - 2004); MBA (IIM Calcutta - 2006)

Vidhu Shekhar is a passionate Economist and Philosopher in-training who has been working on the cross relationship that Economics shares with all aspects of human life – financial, societal, political and personal among others. This passion is what led him to choose research career at one of the top Management University of India, leaving a lucrative career as a successful investment manager at multi-billion US$ Hedge Funds.

At IIM Calcutta, Vidhu is working on deconstructing the very basics of interaction between economics and society across several topics such as Herd Behaviour, Communications and Strategy, Polity, Inequality and Developmental Economics.

PhD Fellow Student, IIM Calcutta

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24-25 November,

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26th-27th November,
Bonanza resort


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