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Dr. Enric Ordeix

Dr. Enric Ordeix

Ramon Llull University (Barcelona-Catalonia) and Vice-President of the Global Communication Institute

Dr. Enric Ordeix is a full-time professor of Corporate and International Public Relations, Academic Director of MA-Strategic Management in global Communication as well as Professional Careers director at Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations-Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain. He is a member of the Research Group on Strategy and Advertising Creativity of Blanquerna School of Communication and has participated as guest speaker in institutions such as Universidad Católica de Chile Universidad de Viñadelmar (Chile), Erfurt University (Germany) and Emerson College (Boston) , Oklahoma University, Harvard Extension School of Harvard and Zayed University (Abu Dhabi).

Professor Ordeix is vice-president of the Global Communication Institute, Global Communication Culture Track Chair of the International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) as well as global consultant for the IVCF (HSVA-Amsterdam University). He has recently been nominated as Head of Development for Blanquerna Foundation and awarded for the yearly best Dissertation at Ramon Llull University

His research and background drove him towards the areas of city branding, Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy and Public Relations. He has been teaching and organizing international conference in these areas for more than 15 years and has published several related articles at the Public Relations Review and the American Behavioral Scientist, among others.

Ramon Llull University (Barcelona-Catalonia) and Vice-President of the Global Communication Institute

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