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Sherwet Kafafy

Sherwet Kafafy

Former Marketing and Communication Director at TAQA Arabia (Egypt)

Mrs. Sherwet Kafafy is a well-versed and experienced marketing & communication professional with 15 years of experience. She managed in a short period to assert herself as one of the illustrious and seasoned experts in the world of marketing. Since May 2008 and until the beginning of February 2017, Mrs. Kafafy acted as Corporate Marketing and Communication Director of Taqa Arabia.

One of her most important achievements is merging the different 23 acquired companies by TAQA that were working in the field for 11 years with 23 different identities into one brand which is now known as TAQA Arabia, and managed to fulfill the job in less than four months.

She is also in charge of managing all media-related communication for Taqa Arabia group. Along with all the crisis communication management, In addition to managing all government relations of the company

Before TAQA, Mrs. Kafafy was the Sector Head of the Services Related to Industry Sector in Industrial Modernization Centre an EU delegation fund that aim to develop Egyptian industry for 7 years. She was developing the strategies and the plans of the entire sector.

Mrs. Kafafy is also the Executive Director of the Italian Egyptian Business Council, and an active member of the AmCham Communication Committees and International Gas Union along with the Egyptian Gas Association.

Former Marketing and Communication Director at TAQA Arabia (Egypt)


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