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Alyona Popova

Alyona Popova

E-government expert, Entrepreneur, Investor, Blogger @

Alyona Popova is a Russian entrepreneur, e-government expert, venture investor, and consultant in the field of start-up businesses. She is also well-known for blogging on innovation and E-government in Russia at &

Alyona holds a diploma from the Moscow State University, the faculty of Journalism. Key areas in Alyona's activity for the last year were innovations and e-government in Russia, as well as commercialization in the female sector of Runet.

Alyona is both a startUper and a venture capitalist, and she also leads the Online-school project for startUps. It's a video-blog with interviews of Russian enterpreners and startups, where experts and young people give advice, talk about their mistakes and ways to find an investor.

Alyona is the first person in Russia who began to popularize the concept of Government 2.0 among active people on the Internet. Now she is an ideologist and a leader in a citizen 2.0-project called Duma 2.0. She has organized more than 5 conferences and round-tables on E-gov in Russia and written lots of topical online publications on RuNet.

E-government expert, Entrepreneur, Investor, Blogger @

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