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Wojtec Mierowski

Wojtec Mierowski

Creative Director and Partner at Brand Nature Access (DDB group)

Wojtec Mierowski is lawyer by education, while by profession he can be referred to as: author, graphic artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator, drawer, consultant - a designer, to keep it short. He has been dealing with advertising since 1987, virtually from the very birth of this business in Poland. He is Co-founder of Brand Nature Access, one of the Corporate Profiles DDB group agencies, which specializes in creating brands and visual identity.

With Mariusz Przybył (BNA Managing Partner), he conducts training in visual identity and brand & corporate image + identity. Wojtec is the author of multiple trade media publications, also quoted by Dragan Sakan as one of the new generation designers – “New European Design” (“The Moment”). He got nominated for the Man of the Year 2002 award by the editors of the "Impact” magazine for making a logo of Poland and was announced as the Winner of a number of awards for projects in Europe (Epica, EDA), internationally (US: Creativity) and in Poland (Złote Orły, KTR, Effie).

Wojtec is Member of the jury in designer and branding competitions: Złote Orły, Effie, Polski Konkurs Reklamy KTR, ADC’E Art Directors Club of Europe (Barcelona). He is also the Co-founder and member of the Brand Design Club of the Marketing Communication Association (SAR) and the Advertising Creators Club (KTR). He is the only designer mentioned in “Who is who” Poland!



Creative Director and Partner at Brand Nature Access (DDB group)

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