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Vasily Gatov

Vasily Gatov

Head of MediaLab Project at RIA Novosti

Vasily Gatov heads RIA Novosti MediaLab (New Media Technologies LLC) - a research and development arm of the biggest Russian news & information agency RIA Novosti. His responsibilities include innovation leadership for the company, advanced design issues and futurism.

Journalist, analyst, media manager and media investment expert.
Joined the professional circle in 1985 and still somewhere around.
Worked almost in any type of media industries - newspapers, magazines, TV/radio, media management in TV and publishing, printing, etc.
In 2005 joined a wonderful team of Promsvyazcapital.
In 2006-2010 served as managing director and strategy director for the Media Group of PSC, later converted into Media3 Russia - the largest Russian printed media and media services holding, that comprised such valuable assets as Argumenty i Fakty (the biggest national weekly), Trud (daily newspaper), Extra-M Group (largest network of shopper weeklies), Media-Pressa (leading national printing company), Aria-AiF (second national distribution and press retail company).
Developed both the strategy of the Group's creation, the Group's practices, value chain and marketing message. 
In 2006 was elected vice-president of the Russian Publisher's Guild and still holds this position.
In 2008 was elected Board Member of IFRA and consequently became Board Member of WAN-IFRA after a merger of two major international associations in newspaper's world.
In 2009-2010 published a series of articles and interviews in various Russian media on future of newspaper business and the evolution of the business models. Works could be found at either or at
In May 2010, assuming the Media3 crusade accomplished, resigned from a position of The Board and CEO Adviser; effective June 15th 2010.

Head of MediaLab Project at RIA Novosti

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