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Andrey Khusid

Andrey Khusid

Owner and CEO of Vitamin Group

Andrey Khusid runs the advertising Vitamin Group, one of the largest agencies in Perm region rated among the 12 best regional advertising agencies ( He is also the CEO of  Multivitamin - a company developing Multiboard software, a new experience in structuring and visualizing information in real time. Add pictures, videos, documents on board and let friends and colleagues see that content instantly. Simply work on your project online while chatting and at the same time enjoy the possibility to make notes in writing and drawing.

Andrey also generates and develops projects in Russian industrial design (Ru.branding). The mission of the Ru.branding project is preservation and interpretation of ancient Russian paintings in contemporary design. The project was established jointly with Alexei Germanovich (”Open Collection").

In addition, Andrey Khusid is Director of I&I Group. The company specializes in the development of innovative projects and any such connected with the enterprise infrastructure. Geographically, the company is presented mainly in the Central, Privolzhsky and Ural federal regions of Russia.

Owner and CEO of Vitamin Group

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