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WCFA webinar - Students’ Global Comms Day

WCFA webinar - Students’ Global Comms Day

WCFA's interactive webinar dedicated to:
Students’ Global Communication Day!


December 7th, 2016, 18:30 - 20:30 CET

Held under the auspices of the WCFA association by its corporate member APRIORI World (Croatia). Initiative suggested by APRIORI World's CEO, Mr. Danijel Koletic. Organized in the shape of lectures intended for university students and young specialists!

FREE - for all members and partners of the WCFA association, as well as invited guests!

LINK will be shared with INVITED GUESTS only!
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Global WCFDavos experts to participate as lecturers!!!

7th December 2016

18:30 - 19:10

Lecture 1: "The Digital Self"
• Gianni Catalfamo, Founder of cc:catalfamo (Italy)

19:10 - 19:50

Lecture 2: "PR hacking or How to hack productivity & content creation"
Philippe Borremans, Strategy Director, PR Media (Belgium, based in Morocco)

19:50 - 20:30

Lecture 3: "The Smiley Emoticon's Birth"
• Scott Fahlman, Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

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